The HEART Movement is a community-led initiative in Tāmaki launched in February 2012. HEART has developed from conversations between community organisations and community members about working to prevent family violence before it happens rather than only responding to violence after it has occurred. HEART is an evidence-based initiative and is using local research with community members and leaders to inform the development of its actions and to measure change over time. HEART has developed a Theory of Change that involves two strands of work: Community Mobilisation and Organisational Capacity, and Collaboration Development.

Puamiria had a vision and set it in motion. There are many of us now who share this vision and are working to achieve it.
— Cristy Trewartha


We offer a variety of learning pathways, from community-led spaces to practitioner led workshops.

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Connection is at the HEART of relationships. Find out how you can connect.

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News and action with HEART.

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The HEART Movement shines through people.

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Healthy relationships are not perfect, it is a consciousness to have the best connections with those around you
— Tara Moala

In 2016 HEART launched ‘Share the Struggle’ campaign that explored local stories.

HEART is a reminder and a pulse and a beacon to keep nurturing our social connections and through that nurturing we will have a family and community of wellness
— Karl Bailey